Flipped Out
Rehabber Panel with John Aaron, Viju Koottungal, and the Mathis Brothers
Rehabber Panel

You’ve seen these poster guys before. They are wholesalers… still. Business evolves, though, with success and these guys are no exception. From rehabbing to developing, this PANEL is into it.

Hear their first-hand accounts of how they got started rehabbing, some of their hiccups and successes and what’s next on their plate. You’ll also learn how they use wholesaling as a stepping stone and a source of business and why they still have strong wholesaling businesses.

Many would-be investors think it’s as easy as seen on television and jump in without enough cash. South Florida can eat you alive if you don’t have enough money to back you. That’s why many of the successful rehabbers start (and continue) with wholesaling.

Rehabbing IS rewarding but you must have a plan and money. Now, you know there’s no shortage of money at DREIA.

There are gentlemen and ladies at the meeting with plenty of money to loan you. But it’s not free and they want to cover their assets with yours and your experience. Learn from this panel how they get money and how they answer the all-important question:

What’s your exit strategy?

 So bring your questions and be ready to absorb the rehab experiences of this noted (notorious?) panel.

Wednesday, September 19th!
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